Solar power generation system

Solar power generation system

Market Price : ¥88657
Preferential Price : ¥85454
Brand : Solar power generation system
Unit of measurement : 999PCS

15 KW solar photovoltaic power generation system

Maximum installed capacity: 15KW

Inverters: 3 5KW off-grid integrated energy storage inverters

· Photovoltaic modules: 300WP

· Battery: lead-acid battery/lithium battery (48V)

· Output voltage: single-phase 220V/230/240; 180-280 50/60Hz; 45-55/55-65Hz

· Array layout: design according to the roof environment

· Construction layout and area of photovoltaic power station: about 150㎡

· Features: photovoltaic system with a battery to store energy, can be generated by photovoltaic energy priority to load use; If there is any excess energy, the battery is charged, and if there is any excess energy, it is sold back to the grid. When the photovoltaic energy output is not enough to support the use of load; If the battery has sufficient power, the system automatically draws power from the battery. If the battery power is not sufficient to meet the load demand, the power will be extracted from the grid. Widely used in family energy storage, communication base station